webvpn.usps.gov – The Post Office is fighting to stay relevant in the parcel shipping business. Due to some technological advances the amount of first class mail has decreased.

USPS has sought some strategic affiliations in order to build a sales force and push Priority Mail and Express Mail.

These authorized representatives can offer U.S.P.S Discounts. webvpn.usps.gov

Overnight Express Mail services from the post office has been improving by leaps and bounds. Now the USPS has a contract with FedEx to fly USPS Express mail. So you know you are getting top notch service shipping overnight.webvpn.usps.gov


USPS Priority Mail is without question the most cost effective 2 day service. This is particularly true if you are shipping to a residence or a remote area. It is as reliable as UPS or FedEx and much more cost effective.webvpn.usps.gov

Priority Mail is 2 day air service and is considered an express product. But if you are shipping something between 1lb and 5lbs or if it fits in a flat rate box it is even priced competitively against UPS and FedEx ground products.webvpn.usps.gov

Postage Rates are separated into three categories. The retail rate is what you will get if you walk into a post office and ship a package. The next rate package is for businesses. Anyone can sign up for this rate if they ship online. The best pricing option is called Commercial Plus Pricing. To receive this rate you must ship over 100,000 packages per year every year.webvpn.usps.gov

The retail rate starts Priority Mail at $4.90 and we will start your U.S.P.S Discounts at $4.75.webvpn.usps.gov

In an effort to gain more market share from the other 2 large parcel shipping company SpiderShip.com can offer Commercial Plus Pricing to any company regardless of volume.webvpn.usps.gov

webvpn.usps.gov – Spider Ship is a source of competitive online freight quotes that specializes in U.S Postal ServiceĀ  Discounts, and ocean freight rates. With ten years of experience, these freight movers will ship your goods safe and easy.


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